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Women Wear Their Familiar Shoes Pillow

Artist: Jeff Burke


This awesome (16"x 16″) cushion is part of our collection of quirky illustrated homeware. Our cushions are vegan, because while we don’t think you will be eating them, but we just wanted to assure you they contain nothing harmful to animals. Each pillow is made from washable, super soft faux-suede and comes complete with a fibre insert.


Jeff Burke We Are LionsJeff often draws objects over and over again in rows. Though the resulting rows and columns line up nicely, it never seems to be his intention to create a sterile grid. The final composition retains an organic feel, with elements combined in a balanced way.
Learn more about Jeff Burke here.

Little City Foundation's Center for the Arts believes that creativity has no disability. The work created in each of the Center’s four studios has been recognized on its own merits- not as the work of artists with disabilities, but as important work that contributes to contemporary cultural discussions and training of future artists.

Learn more about Jeff's nonprofit Little City Foundation here.

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