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Spidey Brushing Curtain

Artist: Rohit Anand


Who says bathrooms can’t be fun? Heck, your guests may even start spending a little extra time in there! 100% woven polyester (71” x 74”) curtain includes a printed front. Shower lining not included.


Rohit Anand We Are LionsHe tries to deal with his difficulties by coping as he believes a superhero would. Imaginative and talented, he brings to life on paper, characters that we can all identify with.
Learn more about Rohit Anand here.

Sense Kaleidoscopes was born out of the will to make a difference – to try and find a way to help children with autism develop viable work skills that can lead to their independent existence in society. They are an arts-based vocational centre for autistic children and youth and provide a unique environment to encourage the learning of vocation-based skills.

Learn more about Rohit’s nonprofit Sense Kaleidoscopes here.

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