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Shreyas Bull Frog Pillow

Artist: Shreyas Pandey


This awesome (16"x 16″) cushion is part of our collection of quirky illustrated homeware. Our cushions are vegan, because while we don’t think you will be eating them, but we just wanted to assure you they contain nothing harmful to animals. Each pillow is made from washable, super soft faux-suede and comes complete with a fibre insert.


Shreyas Pandey We Are LionsShreyas is a master caricature artist. This 17 year old sketches rapidly and has a unique quirky world view that makes his work irresistible.
Learn more about Shreyas Pandey here.

Sense Kaleidoscopes was born out of the will to make a difference – to try and find a way to help children with autism develop viable work skills that can lead to their independent existence in society. They are an arts-based vocational centre for autistic children and youth and provide a unique environment to encourage the learning of vocation-based skills.

Learn more about Shreyas’ nonprofit Sense Kaleidoscopes here.

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