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Louis DeMarco

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Louis DeMarco is a gifted artist, musician, designer, and writer. Autism represents both a daily challenge for Louis, and a source of his artistic inspiration. Since joining Project Onward in 2005, Louis has developed multiple creative strategies for describing and coping with the challenges of autism. From distractions and obsessions to misunderstandings and romantic disappointments, Louis catalogues his mental ups and downs with extensive charts, detailed maps, and very specific notes-to-self. Louis is also an accomplished musician and composer for the rock band DHF Express, fronted by fellow Project Onward artist Adam Hines.

In 2011, Louis’ artwork was featured in the Museum of Everything’s Exhibition #4 at Selfridge’s in London. His text-based drawing “You’re Not Only Human” was used for the front cover of the exhibition’s lavishly produced catalogue. In 2012, Louis designed and created the 16-page CD booklet for the debut album of Chicago-based rock band Future Hits. He lives with his family in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood.

Learn more about Louis’ nonprofit Project Onward here.

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