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Aylsie Geier

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Aylsie began attending art classes at We Care Arts in 2007. She was an automotive engineer until she decided to retire due to health issues. She started feeling isolated and knew that she needed to get out. She and her therapist looked for something social she could participate in and they found We Care Arts. She had always liked art and thought it sounded like fun.

Working with watercolors is something she really enjoys and she loves to experiment, so she started applying paints to watercolor paper that was completely wet. Then she used air to move the paint around to make the bursts of color, resulting in a beautiful abstract painting.

Aylsie has done several commissioned pieces in the past. She has created mosaic tabletops and has fashioned house address plaques as well as her own tiles. She hopes to do more of them in the future and would like to begin working with oil paints next.

She appreciates that she has the opportunity to show and sell her work at We Care Arts’ gallery. She also enjoys being around friends, getting to learn new things and being creative.

Aylsie has two sons in the Dayton Ohio area and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.

Learn more about Aylsie’s nonprofit We Care Arts here.

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