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Amanda Ames

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Amanda started coming to We Care Arts in 2010. She attended The Ohio State University where she earned a degree in psychology, and was considering a career in art therapy. She came to We Care Arts seeking a place that would provide her with a creative outlet and that would help her to avoid isolation.

When asked how she feels about coming to We Care Arts she said, “I love it here. I love the social aspect. I love the art and I love learning.” Amanda enjoys building things with her hands. She likes working with wood and clay, and has created some amazing sculptures.

She takes the studio art class that we offer on Thursdays. Sharen, the instructor, tries to introduce something new and different each week. Amanda loves the class because she wants to feel challenged. She discovered that she loves painting. She enjoys it because she feels like she is capturing something beautiful. She revels in the process of adding colors and thinking about how to get her painting to look how she wants it. She says, “It is my passion; I have an eye for color.”

One of Amanda’s goals is to improve her skills so that she can create art that will sell. So far, she has spent most of her time trying new things and getting in touch with her creative side. Now she wants to focus more on producing things that will allow her to earn some income.

Amanda recently took up running. She wants to get healthier in every aspect of her life. She enjoys the outdoors so it is often the subject of her paintings. This painting is an example of that. She wanted to paint something with a tropical feel. She chose colors that she felt represent that.

Learn more about Amanda’s nonprofit We Care Arts here.

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